Laboratoire de Droit du Sport – Regulation must keep up with growing French market, says new ARJEL board member

arjelRetrouvez l’interview de Cécile CHAUSSARD, nouvelle membre du Collège de l’ARJEL, pour le site internet

Cecile Chaussard, who has been appointed to the advisory board of ARJEL, tells what she hopes to achieve in her new position with the French regulator. Chaussard, who has consulted numerous international organisations and businesses on French public laws and labour policies, discusses the growth of the country’s online gaming market, and how ARJEL is looking to keep it on the right track… Could you tell us about your new role with ARJEL, and why you were attracted to it?

Cecile Chaussard: As a new member of ARJEL’s board, I will participate in collective decision-making related to matters such as the delivery of agreements to the online betting or gambling operators and gaming software approval. I will also be involved in defining the categories of competitions, and in the definition of types of results which can act as a basis for sporting bets.

As an expert in sports law, I hope to be able to shed light, from a legal point of view, on regulation issues within an economic market such as the online betting market, while taking into account the objectives established by lawmakers for the development of a regulated, attractive and legal offer.


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